Tuddenham Farms

Quality Wild Blueberry Producer

Tuddenham Farms is a family operated wild blueberry farm and blueberry wine producer located in Oak Bay, New Brunswick, Canada.

The farm's origins dates back to 1923 with Sanford Newell.  The business was expanded by his son Carl.  In the spirit of family tradition, Carl's daugher, Janet and her husband Fred along with their two sons, Todd and Troy, operate the business today.

Did you know?

Wild blueberries are considered to be Nature's Antioxidant Superfruit!

Did you know?

Wild blueberries are 1 of 3 berries native to North America?  The others are concord grapes and cranberries!

PO Box 201, St. Stephen, New Brunswick Canada  E3L 2X1 .

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