About Us

In 1925, Sanford Newell had the family’s first blueberries crop and sale.  Today, Tuddenham Farms Ltd is still a family operated business, with our fifth generation continuing to farm wild blueberries in southwestern New Brunswick.  Fred and Janet Tuddenham, along with their sons Todd and Troy (as well as their many grandchildren), are proud to produce the freshest and highest quality wild blueberries and products.

In 2000, we expanded our line of products with the assistance of the NB Cottage Winery Program.  Tuddenham Farms Ltd’s blueberry wine is made with our very own farmed blueberries and has become a very popular item with our customers.

The farm has grown considerably since 1920 and has become a modern harvest and processing operation. While some of the old methods are still used, we have continued to grow and improve. We have recently received our CanadaGAP®Certification, which is a program developed in Canada to promote Good Agricultural Practices (Gap) for fruit and vegetable suppliers.

Tuddenham Farms Ltd products are available for sale at various farmers markets in New Brunswick, and at our farm stand in Oak Bay, New Brunswick.  You can also find our products for sale in Ontario and New England.